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We are pleased and honored that you are interested in Macon Road Baptist School.  As you make yourself familiar with our materials, we trust that you will strongly consider Macon Road as an option for your family’s education.  At Macon Road, it is our greatest desire to not only teach your child academically, but more importantly guide him spiritually.  

Through academics, extra-curricular activities, and social events included in our school calendar, we strive to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to become well-rounded and productive members of our society.  We believe all our programs and activities help produce the moral foundations and character development a child needs to become a respected Christian leader in the future.

Macon Road is dedicated to spiritually training each student with a Christian worldview taught in every subject area.  We strive to ensure our students are learning a sense of responsibility, a strong work ethic, and outstanding moral values, enabling them to become productive citizens in their community.  Macon Road stands strong on the belief that for a child to be truly educated, he must be educated spiritually and academically.  
If you have additional questions after reviewing this material, please contact the office at (901) 290-5555.  You may also learn more about MRBS by visiting us at


Alisa Tabb

Director of Admissions

Macon Road Baptist School

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