Academic Support Program

Arlington Campus for Grades 1-12

Mission Statement

The mission of the MRBS Academic Support Program is to serve Christian families and to equip each student who has a learning difficulty with the tools necessary for academic success in a Christian educational system. It is the school’s desire for the student to be college bound or to be ready to enter the workforce by the time he graduates from Macon Road.

Admission Criteria

  • Teacher/Administration Recommendation
  • Psychological Evaluation (current within three years)
  • Low Standardized Test Scores


The Academic Support Program Offers

  • One-on-one assistance as needed
  • Classroom accommodations for homework, note taking, quizzing, and testing as needed per individual student
  • Meetings with the Academic Support Program director


For more information on the Academic Support Program , you can email the director, Amy Christopher, at [email protected].