Tuition Discount Opportunities

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Macon Road Baptist School is a ministry of the Macon Road Baptist Church. As such, we strive to make our tuition more affordable to those who serve our country in uniform, in our community as law enforcement or fire, and service to our Lord both within and without the Macon Road Baptist church family. In a multi-generational approach, we also desire to minister to the children of Macon Road Baptist School alumni by offering tuition discounts to MRBS alums.

We are excited to offer the following tuition discounts:

Pastors: Any ordained church staff, for example, senior pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor both full-time and part-time will receive a discount.

Seminary students: Children of seminary students receive a discount if one or both parents are seminary students. He/she must be continuously enrolled in classes, taking at least two classes per semester and be a degree-seeking student. The seminary student can be either the husband or wife or both. But if both parents are seminary students, they cannot combine the discount.

MRBS alumni: Children of MRBS alums receive a discount. To qualify, the alumnus must be a biological parent, stepparent or legal guardian of a MRBS student.

Law enforcement: Children of law enforcement officers receive a discount if the parent serves full-time or for reserve service. To qualify, the LE officer must be a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian of the student. The LE officer can serve at either the local, state, or federal level, but must serve in the local community. Reserves must meet the same qualifications.

Fire: Children of a fire fighter receive a discount if the parent serves full-time, part-time or volunteer in a local fire house. To be eligible, must be parent, stepparent or legal guardian of the student attending MRBS.

Military: Children of parents serving in the armed forces, reserves and National Guard receive a discount for active-duty service and also for military retirees. To be eligible, must be a parent, stepparent or legal guardian of a MRBS student. Reservists must be attending meetings (typically, drill weekends) and summer training events. Members of the Individual Ready Reserve and veterans are not eligible.

MRBC members: Children whose parents are active members of Macon Road Baptist Church receive a discount. Must be an active church member as defined in the 2020 Macon Road Baptist Church bylaws. To be eligible, must be the parent, stepparent or legal guardian of a MRBS student.

Notes: Discounts cannot be combined. Employment/status verification: Pastors or church staff must present employment verification on church letterhead; seminary students must present enrollment documents indicating they are actively enrolled in at least two classes and the degree program so enrolled; military, law enforcement, fire fighters must show a government-issued ID card. MRBS alums must present MRBS transcripts and MRBC members must be active members in good standing.

To qualify for any of these discounts, the applicant must be the biological parent, stepparent or legal guardian of the MRBS student. Discount recipients must keep their accounts current. If the account of a discount recipient becomes 90 days in arrears, the recipient risks losing the discount for the following semester.

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