August Resource Round-Up

Hey MRBS Family! We want to help our students and their families thrive, both inside and outside of the classroom. To that end, we share helpful links and resources on our Facebook page that we hope you find useful in your day-to-day lives. Since we know that not all of you are on social media, we will post a monthly resource roundup of all the links we share on Facebook so that everyone has access to this content. If you have any questions, or if you find resources you think we should feature, please let us know! 

5 Key Ways to Help Your Child Build Character

First, this article from Parents Magazine has several ideas and fun activities to inspire character building in your children. If you try any of these ideas, please let us know in the comments section!

Next, this helpful tool can help you initiate character conversations with your children. Download, print, and place this in a prominent place and use it as a resource when your children need encouragement or correction in character building.

Ten Things to Pray For and With Your Child

This article talks about prayer, noting that the best way to teach your kids to pray is to do it with them. Here is a terrific resource to help you start praying with your kids.

Praying With Guts

Are you having a difficult time getting your child’s attention? Here is a personal story from Beth Moore about praying bold prayers for our kids.

There you have it! We hope you find these resources helpful in your parenting journey. Please let us know if there are specific kinds of resources you would like to see posted here. We love helping our families thrive!

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August Resource Round-Up

Saturday August 31st, 2019