Honor Society

Honor Society at Macon Road

By becoming a member of the Honor Society, the student has received one of the highest honors at Macon Road. The students that are inducted have distinguished themselves among their peers scholastically by maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.4 for their high school career. The members have also demonstrated outstanding character and conduct. There are five qualities of membership in the Honor Society. Spiritual qualities are the only qualities we possess that God promised to the eternal. These qualities are embodied in the soul and spirit and are manifested though our daily lives. The student should accept the responsibility placed upon them by the privilege of membership in the Honor Society, but more so by their relationship to Christ. Character is the force in one person that distinguished him or her from others. True character is bestowed from God.

Only through the guidelines of Scripture can a student achieve character that is pleasing to God and honestly respected by others. Leadership should exert a wholesome influence on the school. In taking the initiative in class and school activities, a genuine leader endeavors to guide and to encourage others to serve as leaders. Leadership is essential, and thus a substantive charge to each Honor Society member and to the candidates for membership. Scholarship represents a commitment to seeking wisdom. A student is willing to spend hours reading and studying because he recognizes the enduring benefits of a cultivated mind. Each candidate for membership has the charge to continually pursue opportunities inherent in scholarship. Service is the final quality that is first devoted toward God. By serving God we also serve men; we are enabled to model godly qualities through acts of service. Each member is required to serve in several service projects each year. Students spend time serving their school, church and even local charities.

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Honor Society

Monday April 9th, 2018