Macon Road Baptist School (MRBS) accepts online payments for tuition, books, voucher balances, and fees, including registration fees, testing fees, daycare fees, and other fees as applicable. Please designate at time of payment to which account your payment is to be applied. Additionally, gifts to the school may be made online through the school’s website.

Payments may be made using debit and/or credit card. Acceptable forms of online payment include VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card. Online payments are accepted 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Payments received do not automatically post to your various accounts, but will be applied in a timely manner, usually within 1-3 business days. Payments made online will be posted to your account as of the electronically recorded date received. Please be aware that payments made late in the evening (usually close to midnight) may be recorded on the following day and could result in late payment penalties.

Payments received for outstanding balances are final. Payments made in error, such as double payments (accidentally clicking submit twice), are reimbursable at the sole discretion of MRBS. If we are notified before the close of business on the day the payment is made, subject to normal office hours, we can cancel one of the payments. If we are notified any time after the date the payment is made, we can credit your account which may take several business days to show up on your account. Any fees incurred by MRBS to cancel or credit any payment made intentionally or in error will be charged to your account.

All account balances and fees are determined by MRBS. Partial payment made toward account balances and applicable fees will be applied to the oldest balance first, but will in no way be considered payment in full. Though we strive to keep the prices on this website current there may be times when new pricing is in effect but not yet updated to the website. Should fees published on this website and fees established on MRBS price sheets disagree, the price printed on the current MRBS price sheets will prevail.

MRBS uses a third party to process online payments and is therefore not responsible for any downtime or scheduled maintenance of this online payment website. MRBS does not offer any warranty, guarantee of service, or accept any liability for your use of this service.

Privacy Policy – The information collected on this website is used solely for payment transactions. Macon Road Baptist Church and Macon Road Baptist School does not share any information collected on this website.

You may contact the school business office during normal business hours by phone at (901) 290-5555 or by email at [email protected].