Meet our Teachers – Jennifer Stewart – High School English

Jennifer Stewart  

High School English

Although my passion is, and has always been English, I started assisting with drama classes and the school play and discovered a forgotten love. When I was in high school, I was in every play—usually as the humorous character. I loved making people laugh! In college, I joined an impromptu acting troupe called The Blues City Cultural Society. A few years passed, and I forgot my days in drama. The second year I was married, we became members of Bellevue Baptist Church, and I joined the choir. They were performing the Passion Play, and I joined the cast. I was a deaf woman that Jesus healed, an angel, a townsperson, the mother of Mary Magdalene, you name it. I loved it!

Then I began teaching English, which was all-consuming. It was only a few years ago that I began helping with the school play. The drama teacher chose to perform MacBeth, and I was sold! I tackled the next year’s play on my own. I roped in several staff members, and we decided on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was so awesome! We had makeup we had never done before, props we had never had before, costuming like we never had before—it was just so good, and the students were amazing! It was very exhausting, but the finished product was worth the pain!

This year, we  performed our first Disney production – Beauty and the Beast. It was intimidating to me, as the music and choreography feels way out of my league. I knew the students would pull it together because they always do! I had fabulous help this year with a new co-director who also choreographs and sings. It was still daunting to think of all there was to do, but it was so much fun watching it come together!

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Meet our Teachers – Jennifer Stewart – High School English

Monday March 12th, 2018