The baseball program was begun in 2013. The baseball team competes in the TAACS.

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Middle School/Varsity Baseball

  Please note the following information regarding the baseball season.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Coach Stoodt at (901) 867-8161 or at [email protected].


The days for Middle School/ Varsity Boys Baseball try-outs are December 4. The team will practice from 3:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. All athletes may be picked up at the Arlington Campus field by 5:15 p.m

Students who have a practice uniform need to wear their practice uniform to try-outs.  Students who do not have a practice uniform need to wear their P.E. uniform to try-outs.  If a student has neither a practice uniform nor a P.E. uniform, he must wear appropriate athletic wear.

For students to be eligible for try-outs the first day, they must have completed the paperwork on FamilyId.

If your child played a fall sport and you have completed the registration on FamilyID you will still need to login to your account and register under the spring sport your child will be playing.

Volleyball, football, cross country , and basketball athletes do not need to turn in a new waiver, fan behavior guidelines form, concussion form or physical form (unless their physical has expired – physicals expire one year to date).

$120.00 playing fee for baseball plus any required equipment will be due when you complete the signup


The school will be providing the uniform top.  Athletes are responsible for purchasing the uniform pants, insulated undershirt, and cap.  Athletes need to purchase their own cleats (black in color) and white socks.

All players are required to purchase a pair of black warm-up pants this year. These may be purchased at any local sporting goods store.

All players will also have to purchase a practice uniform if they do not already have one.  Short sleeve shirts are $10.00 and the shorts are $15.00. 

Game Day Dress:

All players will be required to purchase a polo shirt that they will wear on game days.  Game day dress will now be khaki pants (for guys), regular school uniform skirt (for girls) and the polo shirt.  This will replace the game day blouse/vest/tie from Parker Uniforms.

If an athlete already has polo from playing a fall sport they do not need to purchase another one unless they choose to do so.


Athletes must have a current physical on file with the athletic office in order to participate in sports at Macon Road.  Physicals are good for one year.  All athletes must use the TAACS physical forms found on the school’s website.


All athletes must be passing all subjects and maintain a C average overall.  For example, an athlete can have all A’s, but if he has one F he will not be eligible to play.  Also, if a student is passing all classes but has 3 C’s and 3 D’s he will not be eligible to play because he is not maintaining a C average overall.  These are the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools’ (TACS) eligibility policies.  All grade averages are cumulative from the first day of each semester.

If a student is off for grades, he will still be required to attend practices and home games unless instructed differently by his coach.  Ineligible players are not allowed to attend away games.  Some times when an athlete is off for grades, he is required by the coach to not participate in practice.  If an athlete is ineligible due to grades, he is still required to wear “game day” dress to school on game days since he is still part of the team.  If the coach does not deem it necessary for an ineligible athlete to attend the game competition with the team, the athlete will not be allowed to attend the athletic function.

Game Season:

The game season will begin mid-March and end the first week of May. The varsity team will have a state tournament May 10-12 with the location still to be determined by the TAACS.  There will be a trip fee for overnight trips.  Trip fees are usually around $50.00 a night.

Concession Stand

As you know, the concession stand is a service we try and provide for our fans and visitors. For every time you work concessions your account will be credited $10.00 up to $30.00. Thank you for your help in making concessions a success. More information will be sent home if your child makes the team.

Practice Times:

Most practice times will be almost every day of the week except game days and most Wednesdays.  The times for practices may vary. A practice schedule will be posted on the school website every Friday for the following week. Athletes need to be picked up at the Arlington Campus by 5:30 p.m.

Try-outs and Playing Time:

Please realize that the players exemplifying the best skills, attitude, and work ethic will be chosen for the team.  Players chosen for the team will be given as much playing time as possible; however, these are competitive sports and there is no guarantee to the amount of playing time each athlete will receive.


 Macon Road may provide transportation to most weekday games. Transportation back to the pick-up location will also be provided when possible.

Note to Parents:

If an athlete chooses to drive or ride with another person to an athletic event without his parents’ knowledge when the school provides transportation to an athletic event in the Memphis area, the school will not be held accountable or liable for the athlete’s decision.  It is normally required or recommended that all athletes ride school transportation to athletic events when provided.

Athletic Handbook:

Athletes are expected to abide by the policies in the Athletic Section of the Student Handbook.

Once you have committed to the team, you are expected to complete the season.  Students who do not attend practice for any length of time for any excuse other than a medical excuse when present at school will be dismissed from the team.  Athletes who do not compete in the final games of the season will be considered dismissed from the team.

We look forward to a great baseball season.  We appreciate your support and dedication to the MRBS athletic program.

The playing fee of $120 plus any required equipment will be due when you register on FamilyID. You will be able to pay with credit card. If your child does not make the team you will be refunded your money.